Motor Vehicle Census


Salvage Network is a privately owned independent national valuer and salvage operator in the following fields: 

motor cycles
earth moving equipment
marine craft
other machinery

Founded in 2005, our principal Valuers have over 40 years combined experience, having valued over 100,000 vehicles, spanning the automotive, aviation and related salvage and spare parts industries.
Our unique business proposition is that we:
  • independently value, at no cost or obligation, all stock that is submitted via our website; and

  • make a Purchase Offer with a guarantee to purchase every item within 21 days of our valuation date.


Third Party Claims

Market valuations (PAV) on third party claims provided on fee-for-service basis, invoiced to insurer
Guaranteed Purchase Offer (salvage value) continues to be provided free of charge

From Tuesday 10 August 2010, market valuations for third party claims (pre-accident valuation estimates) will be provided for a modest fee which will be invoiced to the insurer at the time the service is requested.This fee will vary depending on the State/Territory and the type of vehicle and will typically be in the range of $22 - $44 per valuation.
Salvage Network will continue to provide a Guaranteed Purchase Offer on salvage free of charge.
Assessors will be able to nominate the services requested when adding a new valuation job in the system. The invoice will be emailed to the assessor upon completion of valuation. Invoice terms are 21 days. Read how it works



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